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Near Mont-Tremblant, Arundel is a magical place. When you come on down the 327 from Mont-Tremblant, you will feel going down, passing through valleys, like those found in Scotland. Eventually, you will turn left on De La Mountain Road and you will find us located at 77 on this street. You will be welcomed by our paintball park sign... You know, appearances can be deceiving, because after our entrance, passing under the red pines, you will find a cozy restaurant & bar with a soft white smoke coming from two chimneys (in winter), inside you will be charmed by the woodwork and vast space. Up to 125 seats! A majestic central fireplace greets you with a crackling fire. In short, a warm and welcoming building awaits you. You know? A site visit is recommended, as in words, it can be difficult to properly describe this magical place!

Restaurant Fort Ouest

Restaurant Fort Ouest

Trâineau à chiens

Come pet our 50 dogs at our kennel, they are just waiting for a little affection!

Foyer au Fort Ouest


  • Meetings;
  • weddings;
  • birthdays;
  • Familly Events;
  • Bachelor party;
  • Bachelorette party;
  • Corporate Meetings;
  • Christmas Celebrations;
  • And several other possible events!

Chalet Fort Ouest


You want to book for activities and insert a meeting to talk about your new goals, new products or what you want? Book for multi-activities with our partners and we can prepare a meal 3, 4, 5 or 6 course meal starting from simple cold buffet up to gourmet meal of your choice! We have a screen for your slides, a 32-inch flat screen TV with sound system, DVD and video player.


Contact-us now for a quote tailored to what YOU want!


December 31, a family meal, "Happy New Year" wishes and then head on home? At Fort Ouest, we have developed concepts for more memorable evenings! Why not combine a meal and an activity?

Families often reserve our entire restaurant to celebrate the December 31st Celebrations! It's a magical evening where families can get together and have fun together. Sometimes the age differences can cause headaches to the organizer. So we invite you to mix activities with the meal. Yes, after the meal, we can set up a dance floor where small ones and couples can dance to their heart's content. Then, adolescents and young adults can go to activities counter and get their own paintball equipment and go outside and play. Don't forget, paintball is a 4 season safe activity.

Paintball de nuit

We light the "spots" of light in our very own "village". And the paintball night begins... Spectators are protected behind the our 36 foot net and can shout encouragement or strategies to their favorit team. For a few hours, people enjoy themselves after the meal. At half past 11, the Fort Ouest team invites guests inside to wish "Happy New Year" where everyone is smiling. After the wishes, music restarts, people continue to dance and the "young" head on back to our "village" for several other games of paintball. Your small family meal is no longer be a simple meal, but an unforgettable evening of family fun and activities are waiting for you! You and your family will be talking for quite some time about that magical evening here at Fort Ouest!


Vegetarian meals are also available on request.

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