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Now there is something new in the area of Mont-Tremblant, situated in the Laurentians. The Fort Ouest Complex now offers airsoft since November 18th 2011! Access to all 15 playing fields is now open to the activity. In total over 177 accres are open to different activities here at the Complex, including undeveloped land for those who prefer wooded or mountainous fields!


For current paintball members, if you want to add the discount for being an airsoft member too, you receive a discount of 50% off membership cards! If you want to help us to evolve, we believe in trade in service. Do you have talent in construction? Would you officiate at events?


Since airsoft markers have a realistic look, we require you come here safely. Each participant who comes with its own airsoft marker, must carry it in a bag suitable for transporting. No marker may be visible when you walk. Ideally, it should be carried in your vehicle trunk, and not loaded.

Airsoft Tremblant

So what are you waiting for? Book now your event at our near Mont-Tremblant location!



Member Event Card $75

A membership card adapted to those who only wish to play at member events organised by Fort Ouest. Is a 1 year membership.

  • $10 off Fort Ouest Member Events.
Regular Annual Membership Card $150
  • $15 entry to airsoft event
  • $10 off Fort Ouest Member Events.
  • 10% off Airsoft equipment bought at Fort Ouest.
LIFETIME Membership Card $400

A unique payment and a lifetime of advantages. May not be transfered to others.

  • $15 entry to airsoft event
  • $10 off Fort Ouest Member Events.
  • 10% off Airsoft equipment bought at Fort Ouest.
  • 10% off BBs bought at Fort Ouest.


An airsoft member must follow the rules by the book. It does not give him the right to go over the rules without penalty. Loss of membership card may be the result of a non-compliance.

Airsoft Tremblant


From time to time, we organise airsoft events. We invite your to follow our Facebook page or our Events Page on a weekaly basis, just to be sure to not miss an event.

Some events are reserved for 18 and over only and others are open to 12 and over.


In 2012, we tried a new kind of event. We created AIRSOFT PAINTBALL HYBRID DAY (APHD) where we mix paintball and airsoft. Some airsoft players are reluctant to this kind of activity, but we have noticed interest on both sides for this kind of activity. The only rule that changes on the paintball side is that if the ball hits you and does not break, you are still considered out of the game. What is really interesting in this kind of event, you have the Paintball markers that make a louder noise and airsoft are much softer ... Airsoft snipers are ruthless on the field.

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