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Since 2009, we started our versions of scenario "Big Game" events! At each event, we are improving the experience and scenarios. Discover our various leaders and their clever tactics!

A huge field (joining about 13 of our playing fields) of about 700 m long, wooded, sand, buildings, fort, vehicle, "paraspawn" per 5-10 players, 2h-3h games in the morning and 2h-3h of more games in the after-noon, special missions, "Cold Smoke" grenades, Tippmann Big Boy grenades, strategic points to defend, meals included, draw among the participants at the end of the event and enjoy ... this is what awaits you at the next Big Game at Fort Ouest!

Groupe Big Game

We require you to fill out this form and send us quickly by fax, email, in person or by mail. Once we have received your registration, we will confirm your registration by phone. Please write legibly, thank you.

Confirm gear required with us while registering, as all equipment can be pre-booked before the event.

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New, in 2012, we reduced entry fee of $20$ for our member and thoe from elsewhere!

  • Membre Fort Ouest 19$
  • Non-membre : 29$

Upon registration you will receive 1 access to our scenario, field access, 1 lunch, unlimited compressed air and 1 chance to win the prizes drawn at the end of the event.

Membership cards start at $75 per year..


  • 500 balls : $35
  • 2000 balls : $105

We are proud to offer you high quality balls. For connoisseurs, the minimum requirement is equivalent to the "BRONZE" or "BIO BALL" *.

* Only balls sold at our events are accepted on our fields.


  • Booking 1 month or more ahead of time, women can save 50% on their entry fee.

  • Booking 1 month or more ahead of time men, can save $5 off their entry fee.

  • If you pre-pay your cases of paint (2000 balls) 5 months ahead of time, they are $65.

  • If you pre-pay your cases of paint (2000 balls) 4 months ahead of time, they are $75.

  • If you pre-pay your cases of paint (2000 balls) 3 months ahead of time, they are $85.

  • If you pre-pay your cases of paint (2000 balls) 1 month ahead of time, they are $95.

* You can join the discount on admission to the pre-payment of balls. No other discounts can be combined with these pre-payments.


  • July 13-14th*
  • September 8th

July 13-14 is an event organized by Rikk Angel, entry cost is 60$ and lasts the full 2 days.


"A well-fitted scenario, well imaginative respawns that always gives you a little "stress" where you can be attacked from behind, great fields and quality players. One of the best big game I've played since very long.
- Jordan"

"Congratulations to the organizers and officials of the Big Game in April. It was really great! Everything was well done. The planes were a very good idea. An idea for an upcoming Big Game: Go get an unarmed prisionnier (no marker) and return to port (as a secondary objective). Anyway nothing wrong for this Big Game, it was perfect!
- Your friendly Tonton"

"Very good scenario on your 5th Big Game
- Patrick "

"Wow what a day with my buddies!
- Samuel"


Even if we lend you overalls
• It is recommended to bring clothing suitable to the temperature;
• Proof of identity for the day;
• Outdoors shoes or boots ;
• A change of clothes are recommended for your comfort after physical exertion;
• Protection genital (male);
• Visa, MasterCard and debit cards accepted.

Paintball Tireball

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